iOS 11.0.3 Released! What’s New Review!

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iOS 11.0.3 Update Released! iOS 11.0.3 Review, Everything You Need To Know! Features, Changes & 3D Touch Bug Fixed.

iOS 11.1 Beta 2 Review:


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  1. my 6s is freezing 3x a day, siri stop working, volume icon disappear… Iv gone to apple and they trade to another 6s, and still exactly the same issue, the ios 11.0.3 is just terrible

  2. Its only me or everyone feel like ios 11 makes your battery is so gone so fast? My couple my friends complain about it tho ???

  3. Is anyone else annoyed by the Touch ID animation on the lockscreen when 3D touching on a notification I think they should change it to the Touch ID into a tick with the noise like they do with the App Store and Apple Pay. Ik it takes longer so they should have put it in settings so you can enable it

  4. Hey i found a new bug that’s interesting. When ur on ur lockscreen and u open the calculator from the control center and try to exit out there’s no way to do so without actually unlocking ur phone. So when u click the lock button ur phone freezes. The only way to solve it is through rebooting

  5. Fingerprint sensor has been a joke; doesnt work. What a shame Apple. And i dont understand why i need to press the emoji button a little longer to choose emoji option. Unnecessary waste of time. (This problem is in ipad mini 4)

  6. Apple sucks balls without Steve,….I'm not saying this just for the fuck of it and to be mean. I can tell things are rushed, not thought out, not polished/refined like when he was around (one example, the bullshit that is IOS 11 and all current updates till now)……..Eventually they will fully go back to the apple before 1997 the apple that was lost without him and headed for complete failure. It's said, he never or they never found someone who could replace his thinking/commitment, and eye for important details……I can see the crash coming. They have 10 years tops if they keep putting out the bullshit they're pushing now.

  7. I updated my phone to iOS 11.0.3 And Everytime I Bring the Notification Bar down it Freezes my Phone And But the screen is still on and I have to Reboot my Phone everytime

  8. My iphone 6 plus is honestly the shittiest thing ever when running on iOS 11. It’s practically unusable with iOS 11. It was running just fine on iOS 10 but I️ think its time to get new phone soon:(

  9. Really thinking about getting rid of the iPhone completely. Why the fuck does apple have to change shit up and fuck up everything??? The new update made my phone slow as hell and battery life sucks ass!!! Every update they do sucks and you don’t have a choice weather to update or not. I’ve always been an iPhone fan since they first came out but the people at apple are fucking idiots!!!

  10. Apple don’t think how much it took us to buy an iphone and after updating the phone is nothing but a fucking stupid phone with tons of bugs…!!!!! They only think about money !!!!!!! My 7 plus was perfect be4 11.shit now u don’t have any options either u get 8 or get fucked with daily bugs ..thanks

  11. @EverythingApplePro I am still at 10.2 and havent ever updated my iphone 7. There is really no iOS 11 feature that I want to update for.. The only one being support for VoLTE in India. Would you suggest updating, especially because battery is like the only thing that matters to me.

  12. Absolutely can't believe it's been a month since this shitty update, yet they still haven't actually fixed the real issue. Surely they have a better solution for the horrible battery issues etc. Why would I go out and get a 8 or possibly a X with the same issues ? I am floored with Apple right now