iOS 11.1.1 is Out! – Whats New?

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iOS 11.1.1 was released to the public. I go over what’s new.

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  1. My iPhone 8 getting hot easily when I watched video using YouTube and battery life drains a lot after installing 11.1.1. Anybody facing the same problem?

  2. This update screw my Iphone 6 WiFi and GPS. WiFi keeps disconnecting when I’m not near my router and GPS wont work at all. When I use google maps or apple maps and when i driving nothing happens. It just standing in place.

  3. Since Apple won’t publicly admit that battery life has been affected by iOS 11 it really makes me think that issue will always be here on iOS 11. I avg 5 hours of usage now vs 7 on iOS 10. On a good day with iOS 11.1.1 I can squeeze out 6 1/2 hrs. I understand heavy usage will use up battery life & apps not up to date will hurt battery life, but if that’s not the issue then it’s software.
    Same battery issue is being reported with iPhone 8 & 10. So it’s not the battery itself.

  4. I wish my battery didn’t drain so fast on the battery me use it says usage 27 and standby 48. I can take my phone off charge hardly use it at all and have it at 20% in two hours. Before the 11.1.1 update it didn’t do that. Anyone know why? I’d appreciate any help.