iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak [Kernel Exploit] iOS 11 Jailbreak by Yalu RELEASED! | Install Cydia on iOS 11

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▪ Link: – iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak using Kernel Exploit by Yalu. This iOS 11 Jailbreak is completely UNTETHERED and STABLE! You can now start to Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 using this Kernel Exploit tool. Watch the video now to learn how to Jailbreak iOS 11 using Yalu tool!

▪ More Info:

? Untethered iOS Jailbreak Using Yalu Tools:

On September 19, iOS 11 became available to everyone, it was released in preparation for September 22nd iPhone 8 release, and there were some notable changes. However, Apple still couldn’t satisfy a lot of users, e.g. the auto-correct on the iOS 11 was really annoying. On October 31, Apple launched the iOS 11.1 just before they announced iPhone X release date. IOS 11.1 is quite impressive, it improved on a lot of bugs, it introduced amazing and fun features, and enhanced all Apple devices and tools for more functionality. With the iOS 11.1, Apple is making a statement that they are also conscious of utility. IOS 11.1.2 is still in the testing phase, Apple has promised users more improvement on the performance of their tools and devices. We can’t wait, because we’re already blown away by the new improvements of the iOS 11 and 11.1 so far, although there are some intrusive glitches. We would get to that later, first let’s highlight some of our favorite new features.

? Features:

100 New Emojis:
Apple added more emojis, and gave some of the old ones a clean look. If your device iOS is 10.0.3 or below, you will miss out on this cool feature.

This is Apple’s way of merging animations with emojis, it will make regular emojis more active, thereby giving it a 3D feel. It gives users the chance to determine what emotions their emojis will express. It is exclusive to iPhone X.

Apple is finally catching up with augmented reality (AR), with the iOS 11, users can now install AR games, and other utility apps from AppStore.

Apple Pay:
This is a peer-to-peer online payment solution by Apple, it makes payment very easy, although it was just released with iOS 11.1.2. Payments will be approved by user’s face ID or fingerprint, and users can pay people on their contacts from iMessage.

Drag and Drop Feature:
This new feature makes iPad more functional, especially for users who use iPad as a substitute for MacBook. It allows users to drag files from a folder and drop to another without closing the primary folder – users won’t have to copy and paste each time they want to transfer files while using the iPad.

IMessage is Better:
The iOS 11 now makes messaging better, precisely deleting messages is now easier than ever before. Once a user deletes a message on his iPhone, it gets deleted everywhere else, which means more storage capacity on the user’s iCloud. The iMessage is now synced with all the Apple devices and tools.

ICloud’s Files App:
The iOS 11 now makes the iCloud better organized, it has a new Files app that allows users to access all their files on all their many iClouds including Clouds from other brands. From the Files app, users can access Google Drive, DropBox and others. Users can now organize their files as they want.

? Fix These Glitches by Using Yalu iOS 11 Jailbreak:

You would notice that I’ve been mentioning Yalu iOS 11 Jailbreak, this software is the real deal, it fixed all the glitches we experienced when testing the iOS 11.1.2. Interestingly, the developers are prepared, after the release of iOS 11.1.2, the Yalu Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 came in time.
Yalu IOS Jailbreak is a functional tool built by reputable developers who understand the frustration of iUsers, and seek to make things better. Frankly, Yalu iOS Jailbreak developers have proven that they are not playing about their decision to tackle iOS bugs.

Benefits and Features of Yalu iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak
• With Yalu, you can download Cydia for iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak. It’s best Jailbreak iOS 11 app on AppStore.
• You can install banned apps
• You can install apps: games, tweaks and utilities, that are not approved by Apple.

You can do all the above and more with Yalu, we used it, we love it and you’re guaranteed that Yalu will fix your iPhone glitches.

? Our final note
If you experience any annoying malfunction on your device because you upgraded to iOS 11 or iOS 11.1.2, don’t allow that to stop you from using your iPhone, whether it is iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Jailbreak is a common utility among iUsers, and with iOS 11 upgrade, users also have to manage the bugs by using Jailbreak iOS 11. For the latest upgrade iOS 11.1.2, you may not find Yalu Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 on every site but we have it on this website. Our audience can benefit from the exclusive availability of the Yalu on our website.


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  1. Bro,.. I just went through your other videos to jailbreak my iphone 5S, then when I finished and backed out to your other vids, THIS pops up. LMAO. Ugh. All that time and effort just to be surprised with an all-in-one tool. HAHAHA. I love it. Keep up the good work man! And, as always, I'm looking forward to the future of jailbreaking, JB news, and your videos. Happy Christmas 😀