iOS 11.1 Beta 1 Released! 15+ Features & Changes!

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NEW iOS 11.1 Beta 1 Released! Over 15 NEW Features & Changes! Refined Animations, Icons & iPhone X Preparation. Full Breakdown.

iOS 11.0.1 Review:


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  1. I love the ios 11 features that’s why in spite the shitty battery life and the lags I’ve encounter I choose to stay on ios 11. But the problem is pls do something about it battery life and all the lags, not only changing the animations. I hope there will be an update for this soon!

  2. So all together nothing that’s productive. Really hoping for the 3D Touch multitasking will be brought back. Can assign multitask to assistive Touch 3D but then again switching to the last used app was far more efficient with the iOS 10 3D Touch

  3. This is what I have been doing . I got the iPhone 6 when it came out and I downloaded the bata for ios10 public bata . When I got my iPhone 7 I downloaded he iOS 11 bata 1 and I kept updating and I get all of the bata and I don’t pay for it

  4. I think it’s bullshit they haven’t released iCloud messaging when it was one of the key features they advertised on their iOS 11 release keynote

  5. I’m not updating not a mf thing. I was highly pissed when I updated from 10.3 to this damn ios 11 shit does not work! Apple pissing me smooth off. Keep all this bullshit

  6. I’d just like to ask, what if i have an iphone 7 plus running on ios 11.1 (which is in beta). What will happen once the official release for ios 11.1 has started rolling out to compatible devices? Will I have no problem updating my ios 11.1 beta version to the official release of ios 11.1 over the air via my phone or do I have to use pc to do that? Please help me I just dont know how this goes. I need your thoughts. Thanks!