iOS 11.1 Beta 3 Released! What’s New Review!

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iOS 11.1 Beta 3 Update Released! iOS 11.1 Review, Everything You Need To Know! New Fatal Flaw, Changes & WPA2 Bug Fixed.

iOS 11.1 Beta 2 Review:


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  1. Do you have also a problem on the lockscreen when you open the camera. If i turn my phone the picture stucks for a second before it turns. But normally only the icons need to turn arround.

  2. I also found out if you hold the lock button down for 5 seconds then push volume up twice volume down once throw the phone into the air plug it into a charging port and fart into the ear speaker it locks up completely……..big time bug great job apple.

    how the hell do people find this shit out and why does it even matter in what real life scenario does someone do this stupid shit

  3. I have a weird glitch on my iphone 7 running ios 11.0.3 where i sometimes don’t recive calls does anyone know how to fix that

  4. People complaining about battery life: be quiet. Everyone I ever see complaining about iPhone battery life are always the ones that don’t use low power mode. How about you turn it on, stop using your phone at full brightness, and stay quiet

  5. Please help me, I updated my iPhone to 11.1 beta 3 and when the update was finished, I unlocked my phone and saw the update completed screen, but when I tapped the continue my phone keeps on crashing, I have to do it back again and it still won't work

  6. On iPhone 8, Volume Down and Power doesn't force restart it. You have to press Volume up then down then hold the power button for 10 seconds. It's different. Weird, I know.

  7. Please ask apple to provide a built in app lock in the next version of ios

    I have tried to contact them several times but they havnt made any changes yet

    Every phone in the market nowadays have a built in app lock why cant apple think of it are they that dump

    i love apple products and love to use it in future also but this is the only thing that keeps me back from buying this I phone X

    Guided access is a piece of shit it is not an user friendly thing

    Replace the guided access with an app lock its more user friendly we can lock apps to our own likes and dislikes and give my phone to my friends or family members without hesitation.

    please try to report this to the apple officials and make this change it will be a worthy upgrade for every one using IOS

  8. that freeze homescreen always happen to me , using 6s , even update 11.1 still sometime will freeze homescreen… it happen when i just want open apps, it happen randomly , so have to reset power + home button . hope apple will fix this bug