iOS 11.1 Released! Everything You Need To Know!

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iOS 11.1 FINALLY Released! iOS 11.1 Review, Everything You Need To Know! Features, Changes & Final Thoughts.

iOS 11.2 Review:


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  1. Iphone 7 is showing problem with battery life. It used to last so much more before. After updating 11.1 its aweful. I am having to charge twice a day before with my usage it lasted a full day with still 20% to go. What should I do? Will the next update probably solve this or should I downgrade

  2. Its horrible, don’t download it. Don’t listen to everythingapplepro if you don’t own at least a 7 and try to update. Its still laggy. He’s only focusing on the newist phones and not the older ones.

  3. My iPhone 7 battery is terrible now that i updated! And i can’t watch YouTube videos without it pausing by itself. I don’t like iOS 11.1 and I’ve already made an appointment with them and they say they can’t do nothing about it ?

  4. I’m using iPhone 6s (A1688) and i want to downgrade to iOS 10.3.3. The battery backup is not so good on iOS 11.1 so I want downgrade the OS. Can you please tell me is it still signed? Some sites ( showing it’s still signed by apple. I’ve tried but it is showing error. Please help.