iOS 11.1 Released Should You Update ? | iOS 11.1 vs 11.2 Battery TEST

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  1. This is totally shit bro… i didnt expect this… battery is worst on ios 11.2 beta 1.. this video was entirely wrong… viewers watching this should observe ,, don’t upgrade to ios11.2 if u r having a beta profile… 11.2 is full of bugs ,, app crashes , battery drain .. its just like 11.1beta1.. even buggier ????

  2. With 11.2 public beta 1 Siri cannot make a phone call. I’m not sure if it’s just my device or across the board. But it’s frustrating bc I use that feature all day long.

  3. I installed my iPhone 6 to 11.1 . Now it works slowly and the battery life is too low.And also the phone is too heating.What can I do and how tia downgrade to its basic version. Kindly reply.

  4. You can't jailbreak an iphone in China, you can lose users in China, you can buy an android phone, you can change the theme, and change the font. You limit these normally hot functions to the user to give up your use