iOS 11 / 10.3.2 iCloud Activation DNS Bypass (All Devices) with iHax DNS / DNS Bypass

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In today’s video I am gonna be showing you how to bypass iCloud Activation on any iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro using iCloud DNS Bypass and iHAX Bypass on iOS 11 Beta 1. This method has been around for quite some time and some of you might already know it, but in iOS 11 some things have changed because the WiFi settings including the DNS section were relocated. In fact, I am very surprised this method made on iOS 8.x is still working on iOS 11. I was 99% sure Apple is going to stop it in iOS 11 but apparently they did not.

For those of you who don’t know about iHAX and DNSBypass, those methods were created by LithiumHax and Ighor July, and they consist in a Captive Portal pop up that lets you use some Apps, lets you browse the internet, use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, even some news outlets like CNN and so on. The applications are very well engineered to give the look and the feel of the iOS, especially iHAX which also includes a lockscreen and widgets from iOS 10.

Now, the method itself won’t remove iCloud completely from the device, in fact that is not even possible. Hacks to the device can be done, but the account will remain forever on Apple’s servers and there is nothing you can do for that unless you have the username and the password used to activate it. Neither iHAX nor iCloudDNSBypass will result in SpringBoard access, but it is the only way that is currently reliable enough to give at least some access to the device.

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  1. Outstanding video as always!!!! Thank-you again for the support, and for all the hard work you for for the iCloud Community!! #hax

  2. What's a good DNS server for the US Region? I tried the code shown and it came up with almost nothing on it but a simple text, and it went back to the activation lock