iOS 11, 10.5-inch iPad, iMac Pro & More Announced! Everything You Need To Know!

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NEW iOS 11 Revealed, What’s New & iMac Pro, HomePod, 10.5-inch iPad, New MacBooks, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4. Release Date, Features, Compatibility & Everything You Need To Know.

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  1. Wow you guys, I think it might have taken an engineer a full 5 seconds to sketch out that lazy-ass design for the HomePod. Anyone else remember when Apple made things that looked good?

  2. Anyone else upgraded to iOS 11 and couldn’t search in the YouTube app? I found a fix for it, just check the video on my channel! (This channel)

  3. Hey everythingapplePro I really need to win the red iPhone 7 as the phone i have I can not receive calls or anything it would me a lot to me I've never won anything

  4. I actually love Siri's old robot voice and I don't do anything else with her other than getting genius responses (Siri I'm dead locates nearest hospitals) so for me a more human voice is a shame

  5. Is there anything in the ios 11 update that's going to fix the current bugs in 10.3 such as random battery drain, overheating, and lag when texting or am I the only one dealing with stuff like this??