iOS 11.2.1 is out | Here’s what’s New

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iOS 11.2.1 is out | Here’s what’s New


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  1. I feel like Apple needs to fix the if possible the over heating issue that the X has and the 8 Plus has. I use my devices pretty much heavily when I’m in my truck as a truck driver and it gets hot so fast and it will literally stop charging or charge so slow to the point it doesn’t even seem like it’s charging and i didn’t have that problem with my 7 Plus

  2. An update only because home kit?
    I’ve never seen someone using it, matter or fact I’ve never seen someone keeping that app on the home screen, people usually uninstall in it the first days of buying their phones. ??‍♂️

  3. Hi, have you had any issues with your dock on you iPhone 8 Plus kinda playing catch-up. If your your home screen and you swipe right to your widgets then back again my dock stops short then moves over to line up properly. It’s only happened since updating to iOS 11.2.
    Have contacted Apple who are looking into the issue.

  4. Can you give me any suggestion about my iphone 5s …. my iphone is very very very slow after update ios 11.2.1 …. my iphone take too much time to open an application … now how i fix it …. ios 10.3.3 is not available for 5s … plzz help me ?