iOS 11.2.1 Released – DO NOT Install It

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iOS 11.2.1 has just been released to the public. It comes with a fix for the Home app. If you are waiting for a jailbreak for iOS 11 do not install it.

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  1. Yes, awesome advice. If you have your home alarm,door lock, garage door and all running with the home app then don’t update.
    Yup, don’t update so you can have your house broken into really easy by any script kiddy that downloaded and app with the vulnerability becomes a jailbreak is more important.
    How about saying if you use the home app for anything that would allow access to your house and compromise the safety of your family then YOU SHOILD UPDATE!
    If you don’t use the home app, and never will have any automation in your house using the Home app and want to jailbreak your phone, then don’t update.
    Now isn’t that better advice. This is the reason cydia forced the door password change after earlier jailbreaks because people didn’t understand the risk.
    If your going to do a video for click bait views saying don’t update, then please give advice that is well researched first.

  2. Jailbreak is Dead no more jailbreak like old days now eveywhere fake, light cydia videos. I remember when iphone 4 was very popular then the jailbreak was real. Now you even can’t download ifile and filza free from cydia so.. no benefit jailbreak this is also why now many apps give free paid apps like tuttu etc.