iOS 11.2.1 Released! What’s New Review

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iOS 11.2.1 Released To Save Your Home! iOS 11.2.1 Released & Jailbreak Update! Everything You Need To Know Before Updating.

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  1. Is anyone experiencing wierd bug on ios 11.1.2 iphone 7 charges for few seconds and then it says this charger maybe not supported , it stop charging but it is not unpluged from pc that s wierd..

  2. I have a strange bug. When I charge my phone, if I move the phone, like if I need to asnwer a message and my phone is charging it keeps vibrating like if I am pluging and unpluging the cable and it shows it is charging and then not charging and it repeat that for a few times every time when I move the phone, or a little bit the cable or even when I press the home button

  3. Hey man the only thing I Hate about the iPhone X the games is not full screen I feel like I’m back to the iPhone 5 developers need to work quick about it to optimize those games iPhone X feel like $200 Iphone when u open those apps I think i will get the iPhone 8 Plus

  4. Why can’t I find anything on the new YouTube app drag down. Personally as a iPhone X user it sucks to minimize videos by going all the way to the top and dragging straight down for a tiny screen with controls vs the drag from anywhere in the video to the bottom right for a decent size miniature video.

  5. My friend , can you try to publish this bug I just found , if you restore as new your iPhone X notifications won’t appear only if you get into the app , to fix this you have to turn off and turn it on . But it was kinda annoying because I thought i didn’t received any message .