iOS 11.2.1 Update Preview: Serious HomeKit Fix

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A new iOS update (likely iOS 11.2.1) will be released next week to properly address a serious HomeKit zero-day flaw published by 9to5Mac.

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  1. 1st to view love u bro love from india i m a vry vry big fan of apple products love u bro and plz do subscrine my channel my name is abhi raz

  2. Well well well…….. another iOS bug………. WHO THE FUCK IS MAKING & MAINTAINING IOS 11???? Apple obviously doesn’t care about maintaining their software until someone exposes the issue. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if a iOS 11.3 came in beta by next week and then following that 11.3.1 a day after that and then a 11.4 by January and then iOS 12 in February

  3. I feel like once Steve Jobs passed away, Apple starts going downhill… they don't even care about their quality anymore. They just starting to rush everything out to get their money in hand..

  4. hi there .. is the battery life is same on official ios 11.2 as the beta one .. you said its your best battery life ever on iphone when reviewing the beta 5

  5. I feel like apple wants to move forward faster then they can handle. They wanted their new version macOS to be out and ready for their new iMacs, which resulted in some bugs and stuff, and security issus. Then they wanted their new version of iOS to be out and ready before the Iphone 10 arrived, which again resulted in stuff being buggy and security issues. 
    I feel like they new to slow stuff down, and hopefully they will be able to do that soon.

  6. Can you talk about the iMessage echo bug where you send a Animoji + a echo to yourself replay the echo and your speakers start freaking out it’s a software bug and it’s permanent until you restore I think it’s like a crackle sound “ask if you need anymore answers it’s a massive bug and it works with every iOS device running iOS 11” btw the reason it’s such a big bug is because every action you do after you do this has a chance to have a crackle on your speakers from sleep wake to skipping music to videos ANYTHING! It’s a % chance and it randomly happens if you have the bug

  7. last night I upgraded my Apple TV to 11.2 and since then have lost remote access to my HomeKit devices. 🙁
    I thought that it was something wrong with my setup and was wrapping my head around this. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm now glad to know that it's not a config issue on my setup and that it will soon be fixed with 11.2.1

  8. 1st and foremost…. battery life … just 730p screen n 4.7 inch screen giving 3 hrs plus on screen time … its embarrassing… whatever Apple provide as new features or anything new .. its unusable without descent battery life

  9. This is exactly why I have never put anything like an automatic door lock or automatic garage opener on my house. I don't mind if it is on lights or things that are already in the house because that is already inside. Technology has always been vulnurable and will always be hackable in someway and these kinda things in the video just confirm that. My advice would be to keep all the tech automation inside the house and to just keep the traditional door locks and garage openers.

  10. Apple seems to be more interested in the bottom line then the basic in the basic structure of security ease of use and helping handicap is Deteriorating

  11. Well iPhone is a walk tracking advice anyway but with this security breech is very concerning! Hopefully they can get this fix cause I want to get smart meters and door opener and smart alarm system but if it’s not good to do it through Apple is very disappointing! I consider Apple the best on this earth!