iOS 11.2.5 Beta 1 – What’s New?

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iOS 11.2.5 Beta 1 was released to developers and soon to public beta testers. I go over what’s new.

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  1. I dunno if this change is in iOS 11.2.1 since I didn't have it for long before updating to the 11.2.5 beta. But if you go into the YouTube app and minimize a video while playing, the minimization is different. Instead of showing the video in the bottom right corner, it takes more of a Apple Music approach with a minimized player taking up the whole bottom, with a play button, next button, and the video is smaller in the left corner now. Again, dunno if this is a YouTube app update or exclusive to 11.2.5 just something I noticed

  2. 11.2.1 on iPad Pro 2017 and IPhone 8 Plus caused my photos app to not save photo edits. This beta fixed it. On my wife iPhone 7 Plus she didn’t have this issue.

  3. I really want Apple to update all the apps to support all 6 cores and make the animations a lot shorter (i keep my iph 8+ with reduced motion 24/7) I really want to see updated portrait mode because it still has tones of issues with edge detection and i have to take 2-3 photos to actually get a good one…

  4. Hey Aaron, have you had any issues with your dock on you iPhone 8 Plus kinda playing catch-up. If your your home screen and you swipe right to your widgets then back again my dock stops short then moves over to line up properly. It’s only happened since updating to iOS 11.2.