iOS 11.2 is Out! – What’s New?

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iOS 11.2 is now out for everyone. I go over what’s new.

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  1. Great video Aron as always, I updated my 6s Plus land all I can say is finally no more lag and stuttering performance, it feels like this is what we should have gotten with iOS 11.0, and 11.1. Greetings from the UK.

  2. Hi, I wanted to ask you out about iphone 6s with this update! I have ios 11.0.3 and the problem is the battery, speed performance is great but battery drains in less than 3 hours using 3G mostly .So i wanted to ask someone who has a 6s with this update, how is it working and most important has the battery been improved? Thanks for advice, have a great day!

  3. I wish they would fix the Bluetooth icon. It used to be very informative, showing dim to show you that Bluetooth was turned on, bold when you were connected to a device, and even showing a battery meter for the bt connected device when available. now it's just bold all the time. Great video's ZT, thanks for making them.

  4. Ever since updating to ios 11.2 on my iphone 6s plus, every time I exit a app and swipe to another page I get this laggy swipe animation

  5. ios 11.2 its fucking shit on iphone 7 -.- i geekbench my cpu i have 4k multiscore and 2k single score -.- i had 6k multicore score with 11.1.2 and 3.5k score at singlecore

  6. There’s other way to turn of Bluetooth or wi-fi and no buddy talk about it (with Siri just say turn of Bluetooth or wifi)will be Close completely
    I hope in new video mention that to benefit everyone

  7. Has anyone noticed that the icloud storage details is unavailable on ios 11.2? When I go to settings-acct passwords then icloud storage it says unavailable try again later. Maybe its a glitch in ios

  8. Screen Orientation Changing Automatically On iPhone 7 plus When Tilted Ever So Slightly
    Even After Turning On Orientation Lock

  9. I have an iPhone 7 for example, and Apple-pay cash works only in the US. Also, wallpapers for other than X models. So, basically, they fixed bugs that shouldn't have to be there in the first place.

    P.S. I used to love iOS. But for the last two years, battery life and other crashes are annoying.

  10. Hi Aaron, today I got my first apple product in my life and that’s an iPad Pro 10.5 inch 256Gb space grey wifi plus cellular …Was learning to handle this beast for last two weeks from some of your videos too as I saw you also own same as mine..:-)And today itself I have upgraded it to iOS 11.2…So am requesting if you can make a video of ios11.2 features in an iPad Pro 10.5 so that I can make best use of my new beast and its latest updated iOS…Best regards mate, God bless!!!

  11. After updated to 11.2 , my YouTube will not load using 4G network. It is fine with Wifi connection, however. I have an Iphone 6 and T-Mobile. Anyone has the same problem? How to fix? Thanks.

  12. I downloaded the iOS 11.2 upgrade on my iPhone 6 Plus and now my camera sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I had a friend who has 7 and he had the same problem. I enjoy and get your instructions! Thank you.