iOS 11.2 Poor Battery Life Explained

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Apple shockingly released both iOS 11.2 Beta 6 and the official version of iOS 11.2 on the same day. The reason for this sudden release of the official version of iOS 11.2 was due to a restring bug that needed to be fixed. With the rushed release of this version of iOS there were a lot of consequences, battery life being the worst of them. Some users have experienced extremely poor camera operation on iPhone 8’s, a lot of laziness, and overall just poor performance. All of this seemed to have been solved in beta’s but when the release was rushed quality control must have gone out the window. In this video I go over why battery life is so awful and soon I will have a video out on how you can make battery life better in iOS 11.2.

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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂

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  1. I’m not buying any more apple products after this last year. Software updates causing hardware failures have cost me over $1000 in repairs and having to buy new product. Simply don’t like apple forcing an update for an OS that is designed to kill older machines.

  2. Update is fine on my iPhone X, have no clue what you’re talking about. Wait- you seriously think YOURE one device acting up means it’s happening for everyone else? Hahahaha hahahaha trash content

  3. You're entire channel is featured in trending, with a star next to it labeled "Creator on the rise" good content. I subbed. Congrats on being on tending!

  4. Apple is intentionally ignoring the perfotmance aspect of the software, to cripple old device and forcing people to buy new ones

  5. i have an iPhone x running 11.2 Beta 6, i wake up around 8 for school and i play this game called Marvel Future Fight and i have it to auto-play (a game feature) so apart from instagram, facetime audio, discord, and snapchat, i have that left on idle playing the game for me, it's 11 pm right now and i have 37%

    i don't understand how so many people have battery problems

  6. on my iPhone 6s my battery literally went from 60% to 10% in 10 minutes before dying. when i charged it and it turned back on it was at 55% instantly. this new update is frustrating.

  7. Why is everyone tripping? Somehow you guys and gals picked up a bug or two! Just save the data you really want, reset your iPhone to brand new, and very carefully re-install the apps that actually matter in your life. Stop experimenting with your daily driver. This can easily be accomplished at Starbucks while enjoying a nice small De-caffeinated coffee …… no more high caffeine drinks, okay? And stop visiting all of those Russian fake news websites. Could be where all of your problems started ………

  8. Well I will kill two stones with one bird and declare the apple developers incompetent cocksuckers. They made my iphone se garbage and unlike android you can't roll back to a previous version that actually fucking worked! Serious apple may play like it's service is the best but its not. Iphone se is going to be the last apple product I ever own period.

  9. That’s a really great video I have the same issue and I looking for on YouTube to find a solution, but now I see the problem is in the software and I must wait for the next software. I help myself little bit when I turn off LTE to 3G, and a lot of another things i’m asked to turn off thank you for the great video And sorry for my bad English

  10. Using an iPhone 6 & Looking at these comments and thinking to myself "good thing I don't have these issues"…idk why but my 6 works fine on the new update

  11. Hey buddy your video is awesome and I need your help and advice please. I have iPhone 6 and updated iOS 11.2.1 My phone battery is draining. I just change my phone battery and still I am facing the issue, what do you advise should I wait for a new update or something else.