iOS 11.2 Released! URGENT Crash Fix

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URGENT iOS 11.2 Update Released! iOS 11.2 Review, Everything You Need To Know! New Features & Time Crash Bug Fixed.

iOS 11.2 Crash Bug:
iOS 11.2 FULL Review:


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  1. Before you upgrade to 11.2 please note the following bug:
    iOS 11.2 temporarily disabled remote HomeKit access (as a workaround for some security issue).
    I'm currently having this problem after I upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2 – HomeKit access now only works on my local network.
    According to Apple, HomeKit access will be restored in a software update early next week (which will include a permanent fix for this HomeKit issue)
    So I'm currently waiting for 11.2.1 to solve this. 🙁

    If I knew about this HomeKit limitation on 11.2 I would have waited for 11.2.1
    So if you are using HomeKit and rely on remote access it's probably better not to upgrade 11.2 (just wait for 11.2.1)

  2. No one should update! Apple should get it the f*ck together!!! Two form factors and they’re all of a sudden lost… I mean stupid lost…. no I mean very stupid lost! I really wish I was never sucked into this bs if I knew Apple will just turn into a Wall Street slut among other things. If any Apple geeks are hurt by this blame ?. Unfortunately I too was a fanboy mostly during Steve’s time. Btw they should stop mentioning Steve in any of their keynotes. That BS doesn’t work sorry at least for me.

  3. Hello! Recent subscriber and not really tech literate. lol. Anyway, I hope I can get a response to this question: I have an Apple iPhone 6 and am wondering if I should finally update to iOS v.11.2? I am still running iOS v.10.3.3. Will I encounter problems and what should I watch out for or do? Perhaps on an unrelated note; my NetFlix has been really choppy on my PS3 and often freezes up and I have to go through an entire fix with the PS3 several times to get through one movie! It can turn a 1:30 movie into almost 3 hours now! Does this have anything to do with my not updating my iOS? I started noticing this when the movies flipping through have short 30 second trailers assigned to each movie (they freeze up as well?!). The App is updated. Or is this an entirely different issue? Thank you very much! ??

  4. Hi hope your enjoying your Holiday, have you had any issues with your dock on you iPhone 8 Plus kinda playing catch-up. If your your home screen and you swipe right to your widgets then back again my dock stops short then moves over to line up properly. It’s only happened since updating to iOS 11.2.

  5. I got this to the worst degree I got stuck in a boot loop and nothing I did worked I factory reset and updated neither worked I took it to apple they said they weren't sure what it was and it was probably a board issue I asked if it was covered under warranty they said no you are 1 day out of it so now I'm without a phone