iOS 11.2 Review! Should You Update?

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Final iOS 11.2 Ultimate Review. Should You Update? New Features, Speed, Hidden Features & More Before Updating! Beta 6 Overview!

iOS 11.2 In Depth Features:


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  1. The WiFi thing is annoying in my opinion. Has anyone else had a problem when texting from the lock screen? When I’m texting from the lock screen the message will go away for some reason. Like a glitch or something

  2. So I’m currently on iOS 11.2 beta 6 and want to go to public release. Could I simply erase from phone and restore to iOS 11.2 or will the fact that my iCloud backup is on beta prevent me from doing that?

  3. 11.2 destroys my taptic engine, when closing the control centre it randomly “clicks” like metal on metal, sometimes a fast vibration. also some vibrating ringtones produce this noise. didnt had this before 11.2 on my X.

  4. The "new" wallpaper you are saying is i think present in iOS 11 in my 6s Plus and not only in 11.2 so basically there's no new wallpaper in iOS 11.2

  5. Hi! I bought an Iphone 8 and after a week I`ve compare it with my girlfriend Iphone 7 (jet black), and i have realize that the taptic feedback is lower on the iphone 8 (both with level 3 in settings>home button). Is this a problem or it is normal?

  6. My first iPhone was the iPhone 7 Plus. Before iOS 11 i loved iPhone/iOS experience. Left Android and never looked back but then….. iOS 11 came out and ruined everything. My iPhone 7 Plus has never been the same. I hate it! So many bugs, problems, lagging etc. Never had any issues with Android ?

  7. Has there been any official statement on the battery performance? Even influencers are keeping quiet, must be lots of money involved… still not convinced to update my 7 plus from iOS 10 to 11!

  8. No thanks to ios 11.2 my phone has become like snail and that the battery life has improved I would like to get ios 10 back it’s better and the animations are also faster