iOS 11.4 Beta 3 Follow-up: Bugs, Issues, and more

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iOS 11.4 Beta 3 has been out for a few day.  I share my experience and share the poll results from Twitter and YouTube.

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  1. That’s charging things happens to me I’m not on the beta tho.
    Whenever I plugged the charger it I don’t get the chime, but I get that indication on the top right corner that the phone is charging

    Also my usage time and stand bye time doesn’t reset after charge

  2. 6s here and charging bug hit me last night. Started at 50% before bed, plugged in, got the chime and lightning bolt icon. Woke up at 26% and still showed charging. Hard reboot and unplugged/replugged and finally started charging (% finally increased). Submitted a bug report, hopefully it gets fixed in the next beta.

  3. The amount of times I wake up to find the iPhone isn’t charged because it wasn’t exactly in the centre of the wireless charger ????

  4. The only bug i noticed today was: opening music app , took 6/7 seconds to load. after that i closed it and opened it again, repeated this steps a few times and it was good. Get a little stutter on homescreen too but not too bad. still testing the battery life.

  5. Aaron, just a few comments for you to think about. I’m using the public release of 11.3.1 (15E302) on a 6s Plus. New battery installed about 4 months ago.

    While on a business trip 2 things happened that I’d never seen before. On the 2018 Nissan Rouge rental car, CarPlay started normally and I brought up the navigation screen. Then shortly after, the phone began to stutter badly, then dropped the connection and reverted to Bluetooth and the navigation screen on the phone locked up solid. I had to disconnect the phone from the charger cable and do a cold reboot (a warm reboot didn’t work) to get the phone up and running again. And, when using BT with the phone’s navigation program, often the location pointer will drift off, but the voice directions for turns and other advice is spot on. So I think that bug for CarPlay and the BT navigation car pointer being all over the screen is in the public release also. A reboot didn’t help either symptom.

    Secondly, the phone has started to have very jerky response between screens while swiping back and forth. This had not been the case since the battery change and prior to the 11.3.1 release.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  6. They continued the 10.3.3 beta (for public beta testers) until 11.0 beta 3 so they could do the same thing with 11.4

  7. That no charge often happens on my Ipad Pro after updating to IOS 11.3. Rebooting is the only solution to this problem.

  8. I had the problem charging wirelessly. Where the charge sign is still on but when I woke up where it usually will be fully charged, it is charged to 81% only. Tried the next night, had the same problem so I'm using wired charging for now.

  9. I’m on the official 11.3.1 build of iOS and its glitches galore on my iPhone X. iOS 12 can’t come soon enough.

  10. I don't know what apple is doing with every IOS update, any new version of OS should fix a lot of problem on any phone, what i'm seeing in apple is extremely opposite, any new IOS update the battery life getting worse than previous , general performance also not quit good with various of bugs & hangs, thanks apple for finally convincing me to switch to android , indeed sad but i will not continue my life with a power bank stick always to my iphone and also suffer from the bugs & glitches include on the new update.

  11. Another thing i wonder about that apple made any iphone with a small battery capacity not like any other brand, that's fine , an alternative for this matter is to make the ios more optimised to maintain the battery life to get you throw the day NOT to charge the phone after u wake up the morning an surf for a couple of hours.