iOS 11.4 Beta 4 Follow Up | iOS 11.4 Beta 5 Release Date & iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Update

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iOS 11.4 Beta 4 Follow Up | iOS 11.4 Beta 5 Release Date & iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Update

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  1. I want to ask a question, i personaly own a iPhone 7 Plus jailbroken with ios 11.1.2 and for a while now when i do simple things like browsing internet, listening to music or watching videos my phone gets really really hot. I have tried to google for help or what i should do on the internet but i couldnt find anything, i was thinking maybe restoring and update to ios 11.3.1 without using a backup just fresh new IOS do you think that will work or is it maybe hardware related… well i might be fucked cuz i dont have any money to do anything xD.

  2. i am on 10.3.3 should i update to 11.3.1 before apple releases another update? considering jb is on 11.3.1 and might be fixed on next update, also apple no longer allows to downgrade

  3. What’s the point in helping apple ? Let them figure it out for themselves !!! Why take that away from the people ? Jailbreaking needs to stay alive….

    I have the latest version of iOS on my iPhone SE and the apple tv app is not installed. How can i download it? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

  5. Hi, i have a important question. I have a blurry effect when I browse my pictures in photos. I mean about 0.01 sec loading. What is it? Is it a bug? Is it because i have iphone 7 plus(old iphone)? Please explain