iOS 11 Battery Saving Tips

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iOS 11 Battery Saving Tips

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  1. Hey Guy's i Hope you're enjoying the battery saving tips, keep in mind iOS 11 is still in beta so the battery should improve after we get an official release for iOS 11, also keep in mind the software is very buggy.

  2. If only someone can make a phone without a battery and use instead a separate battery case that can be remove easily , so that case will really have a good purpose and not too thick. Can some please revolutionise the battery case…

  3. Thanks for the suggestions on how to help my battery life. I’m not happy with iOS 11 it is way to buggy (iPhone 7) Apple is pushing to hard to release new operating systems. Cook and crew are not testing them as hard as they should. The isheep will buy the new apple devices but others will began to shop. I’ve been iphone since the 3g and I too fall into the isheep herd but I’m getting tired of failed iOS and skyrocketing phone prices.

  4. as per ten years celebration of iphone they can't make mystery on Smart phone market, (see more on my video) i their is no significant change on iPhone X inside or outlook

  5. He speaks a little too quickly, so you need to keep stopping & rewinding to get to next topic on your iPhone. He should take a brief pause. But I'll try his suggestions