iOS 11 Battery Tips

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I give you the best tips for extending your battery life on your iPhone.

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Apple Battery Tips:

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  1. Hi, I do not know if anyone commented on you. But my Iphone 7, 128GB is presenting a problem in the version of IOS 11.0.1, every time I turn the device on, in the morning, it notifies me that I received an SMS message. But these messages are already stored. They are messages usually received within 24 to 72 hours before.

  2. last night i have removed my phone from the charging when it shows 100%, then i went to sleep, when i woke up in the morning i saw it has been reduced to 45%, i was shocked to see,its iPhone 6
    Now what I should to do

  3. Idk why people complain about battery life. Unless I’m out and at a concert or something my battery last the whole day. If you battery is dying within a few hours isn’t because you are on your phone to long. Go outside and live a little

  4. Wow, didn’t realize that the wifi toggle in the control center doesn’t actually turn wifi off. Who the hell at Apple came up with that great idea…..

  5. Go in settings-privacy-motion & fitness then turn on motion tracker (turn off health if u don’t use it) but having motion tracker on will not let your lock screen light up when u get notifications and ur phone is faced down

  6. iv done all of these so called tips and my battery on my i7 is really bad, so bad it reminds me of old htc which would drain down to nothing even with little use and after one call just about needs go on charge, im seriously thinking of going back to samsung

  7. Using a 7 Plus, 128Gb – finally figured out how to resolve the battery massive drain issue on iOS 11.1 public beta 1 to survive this horrendous update till the next update…
    – Only switched on Notifications for specific Apps that I need.
    – Reduce Motion ON
    – I only switch on BT, Mobile Data and WiFi only when I need them
    – Background App refresh OFF
    – Mails set to Manual check
    – Location settings: Switch off a lot of Apps and System settings that I don’t need
    – Auto-brightness: I kept this ON and didn’t disable it
    – Assistive Touch: I kept it ON despite many people recommending it otherwise
    – I don’t keep too many Apps ON all the time. Max 2-3. Specially since I use Apps like FB, Skype, TeamViewer, VNC all the time…
    – iCloud: Switched to manual backups for the time being.

  8. I have an iphone 6 and 11.0.2 and it’s horrible. Super slow, apps just stop. Phone just freezes and takes like a minute to unfreeze. Chrome is the worst. Battery life is shocking. Even with settings to reserve it. Apple needs a better update

  9. The first thing when I opened my computer was to check youtube zolotech page..he'll tell you about apple update or anything about apple in detail…That's why i subscribe this channel..thank you Aaron!

  10. 999th like. Thanks for the tips Aaron I have mirrored my settings with yours. You always have the best battery saving tips. Even if they are straight from Apple, they sound better coming straight from you. ????

  11. Really interesting to see, how Apple makes us pay outrageous amount of money for their “iPhone” and even after doing that, we still need to waste our time and resources on such battery saving tips nuisances. God knows what has happened to human brains!