iOS 11 Beta 1 is Out! – What’s New?

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iOS 11 came out today to developers and will later this month for Public Beta testers. I go over all the major new features.

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  1. I noticed a number bar above the letters on the iPad keyboard but there was none for the iPhone. Did ios11 add such cause it is desperately needed?

  2. we're so excited about iOS 11. We were dedicated Android users but with all of the new things Apple is finally releasing, we're moving to Apple. Open source is great but I love the way the iPhone feels in your hand.

  3. Could you check to see if IOS 11 0n the newest iPad Pro 12.9" has the following setting in it; settings/display & brightness/display zoom. I had this on my 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9" with IOS 10 version but it is not on my new Pro IOS 10. I depended on this zoomed display. I called Apple about it but they don't know if they will do a patch to make this part of the new iPad Pro. HELP!!!!??

  4. I have Samsung notes and iPad and iPhone and alot of these new features on the iOS platform has been on my Samsung note since galaxy note 2 not a Samsung fanboy because i love both just stating truth