iOS 11 Beta 10 Released! What’s New?

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iOS 11 Beta 10 Record Breaker! New Features & Changes. Just 1 Week Left Until Release, 1 More Betas? Full Breakdown.

Last iOS 11 Beta 9 Changes:
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Top 11 iOS 11 Features:


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  1. My plantronics bluetooth earpiece isn't sounding so good with this update :((
    I re-paired it with my iPhone 7 plus but it didn't help. I also updated the plantronics earpiece as well.
    Any thoughts??

  2. …ios 11 pretty cool dark mode not hurt to your eyes..but apple can made it photos videos and even games make it black and white ..cant watch movie or playing games like that,,,make it black and white I think that’s good for the eyes in the darkroom

  3. Hey, if i am running the ios 11 beta can i still get the ios 11 GM, if so how do i go about installing the ios 11 GM if i am in the beta program, do i delete the beta program off my iphone or what please help ?

  4. Guys I found one change which is the lock screen animation when it opens up. The way I check this is putting the phone in umber colours. Basically now it’s the original fade in and out. Unfortunately the adaptive wallpaper fade has been taken and I cry.