iOS 11 Beta 2 is Out Over 20 New Features & Changes

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iOS 11 Beta 2 is out Over 20 New Features & changes

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  1. IDeviceHelp would you suggest updating my daily everyday iPhone to beta 2? I was thinking about beta 1 but I found out it was really laggy and I waited for beta 2 but I'm still not sure

  2. Anyone know how to get rid of that quick widget menu in the messenger under the type bar. When I go to delete the individual widgets the messenger crashes

  3. why does it take so much longer to load pages now? i can't even open up the app store, it says cannot connect to app store and its not my wifi cuz thats working perfectly on other devices.

  4. I played with ios 11 beta 1 3 times, downgraded back to 10.3.2 after playing with it. Trying to downgrade from beta 2, caused my phone to be bricked in restore mode, will take to an apple store in hopes they have some tools that will help.


    Don't download IOS 11 Beta 2 unless you are planning to stick to iOS 11 beta 2 for a long time, there's a glitch that once you downloaded iOS 11 beta 2, you can't downgrade to iOS 10.3.1-10.3.2

  6. I downloaded iOS 11 I get lots problems and I want to go back iOS 10.3.2 is their possibility to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.2 ?and in future is again I can download iOS 11 public beta? Plz tell am confused

  7. When I activate a switch in the settings it sometimes makes a weird clicking noise and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know if it's coming from the speakers or if there is something "broken" inside my iPhone. Does anyone have that clicking noise too? I have an IPhone 7 btw, so I have 3D Touch.

  8. yea well dont upgrade bc within the first day it starts messing your phone up to where you have to downgrade back to ios 10.3.2 and it automatically puts your device into recovery mode and you cant get it out… no matter what you try so dont fuck up your phone by doing this shit you loose everything and have to get a new phone…. FUCK IOS 11 BETA 2

  9. Just an FYI. Running beta 2 and do not have many of the glitches you faced. I.e calendar icon showed date, home app was still there and working fine for me etc.

  10. Your comment on back vs the name of the screen your going to. Basic stuff…if your on a 2nd page in accessibility for example, when you go back you are still in accessibility. Using the word “back” in these cases makes perfect sense. It’s when you are leaving a specific group that it tells you what group will be going back to

  11. Hey man I installed ios 11 beta on my new iPhone 7+ with the problem is I can't use any pre cracked or ++ apps or modded games on on it I try to verify apps in settings >general>profile management but not working

  12. When I turn my screen recorder off it does not show up on photos for some reason can anybody help me? (I have ios 11 beta 2 update 1)

  13. the control center is dreadful. The control center is not a short cut anymore, it takes up a full screen. The whole point of it was to take half of the screen.

  14. I recently got ios 11 beta 1 on my iphone 6 plus but i want to update it to beta 2 because its glitchy as all living hell but everytime i go to software update it says its the latest update and i tried removing the profile multiple times and reinstalling it and that did not work can i go about updating to beta 2