iOS 11 Beta 2 – What’s New?

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Apple released iOS 11 Beta 2 to developers today. I show you what’s new.

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  1. I'd like to know your take on the notifications. I expected it to get better but the way it is on iOS 11 is so much worse. Also I missed the battery status on Bluetooth devices in the status bar.

  2. Drag and drop works in Beta 2. You have to use 3D Touch. You should also rename this video anything other than "what's new?" as you didn't really discuss any of the new changes that came with Beta 2 aside from DND while driving. Also, that Apple Music search literally looks the same as it has for the last year so not sure what you're talking about there. ??‍♂️

  3. I have the beta 2 as well but when I had beta 1 it messed up my camera and after I updated it yesterday it’s still kinda messed up but not as bad like beta 1

  4. On my beta 2 for ios 11 I noticed that whenever I multitask It takes me at least three tries to quit an application before it stops popping up whenever I multitask. Which is extremely annoying.

  5. I played with ios 11 beta 1 3 times, downgraded back to 10.3.2 after playing with it.   Trying to downgrade from beta 2, caused my phone to be bricked in restore mode, will take to an apple store in hopes they have some tools that will help.

  6. Hi guys, I've just upgraded to IOS 11 Beta 2 and it's a very very bad upgrade and my ios is now so glitchy. I've tried to downgrade but no matter what version i try i get STUCK in recovery mode. Please help me to downgrade. I've tried in itunes both recovery mode/DFU mode and in 3uTools both ways also. HELP!

  7. I hate it for 1 reason. The list of selectable Bluetooth devices is gone from iOS 11 control center. Now you have to go to Settings > Bluetooth to switch bluetooth headphones. Something that was super convenient has gone back to being super inconvenient. I'm an Apple super fan but I love my music more. If this feature is permanently gone then I'm finding a phone that has it. Suggestions?