iOS 11 Beta 3 – A Few Days Later

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After using iOS 11 Beta 3 on my iPhone 7 Plus for a week or so, I share how it’s been.

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  1. I had to downgrade and it was quite a process.I had to download 10.3 and when I was in the restore screen hit on iTunes I hit the options key on my Mac to be able to choose 10.3. Otherwise the phone would get stuck on a restore and update cycle.

  2. Battery is very bad. Restoring is possible even on windows, but just on 10.3.3 beta, but you can downgrade to ios 11 beta 1 and then downgrade to 10.3.2, because the problems with downgrade appeared on beta 2. For now, I don't think it is worth to use beta 3, because of bad battery life, little lag of animation, bluetooth toggle bug and overall experience. I personally use 10.3.3 latest beta and it is the best for now, I think. Wish you all the best. Good luck y'all.

  3. For me iOS 11 beta 3 sucks… To much bugs… In youtube the time starts glitching center to right sometimes… And in messenger sometimes when i press on a specific chat my phone just freeze so i reboot it… please help me

  4. Accidentally, i deleted the file app in public beta 1 and i thought that it will come back in public beta 2 but it’s not. What should i do to get it back?

  5. Reboots constantly. Freezes constantly. And literally rebooted when you opened the YouTube app. Sluggish and just frustrating haha. But. It is a beta.

  6. On iOS 11 beta 3 on YouTube the audio pop up is back but at the same time the updated on where it’s off the main screen and at the top is still there too????

  7. Do you know how to change the night mode time on iPhone 7 Plus on iOS beta 2. Turned it on and now unable to change it back as every time I try to go back to the option, it just crashes and takes me back to main screen. PLEASE HELP

  8. +zollotech

    An annoying bug I found is that in the new Control Centre the WiFi toggle constantly keeps itself ON (and sometimes the Bluetooth, too) after I've turned the Airplane Mode OFF (I travel a lot).

    Both the WiFi & Bluetooth automatically defaults to ON

    If I don't check, it eats up my battery.

    I've become paranoid — constantly checking to make sure they're OFF when not in use

    This never happened with the old Control Centre.

  9. You can down grade, you just have to downgrade one Os version at a time. You can think of it like a onion. You have to peel each layer off at a time until you get to the desired iOS version. Also you want to download the Ipsw files as well or you risk you phone being in a recovery mode loop. Hope this helps. You can get the ipsw files by doing a quick search on google using "ipsw 10.3.3 and so on or just go to and sign in and you will be able to find them there.