iOS 11 Beta 4 – A Few Days Later

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After using iOS 11 Beta 4 on my iPhone 7 Plus for a week or so, I share how it’s been.

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  1. 2 issues I had on Beta 4, my stand-by battery was absolutely terrible, and I occasionally wasn't able to make phone calls. A force restart was needed. I went back to iOs 10.3.3. I'll wait a couple more weeks.

  2. I installed yesterday and it has been fairly stable for me, much better than the first beta for sure. The battery life is what I am concerned about the most and so far it hasn’t been too bad for me. Facebook seems to be the culprit for the most drains.

  3. Please help me can I download iOS 11 and is there any chance to lose my photos and stuffs is it necessary to have back up??

  4. Wow that battery life is crazy! Did you use low power mode? Im getting around 6hrs usage time at the same stage without enabling low power mode

  5. When the beta first came out I heard it probably isn't good to download on your main device. Would you say it's good/stable enough to do it now?

  6. Does anyone know the fox for night time mode? I can’t turn it off from setting as it crashes. Now my night time mode comes on as scheduled but am unable to switch it off. PLEASE HELP

  7. If I download the beta will it automatically update to 11.1 on its own or will i have to take the beta profile off my phone then update the real version?

  8. Also I’ve notice if I’m hearing music and i pause my music from the lock screen widget.. Apple Music just closes the widget completely.. so that’s another bug that needs to be fixed

  9. Please tell me if its worth it to get it on iphone 6s. I dont want to ruin it because its only 1 month old. But if i get it and its laggy,is ot gonna work fine when the newer beta comes out or atleast when the final version comes?

  10. Beta 4 has been the worse of all of them for me. Beta 1 works better. My biggest issue with beta 4 is that when the screen times out, it just stays all black and will not come back on for at least 30 seconds to a minute. It’s like it freezes in screen lock mode or something. Even sometimes when I have music playing, when the screen locks and it freezes it restarts and stops the music. Smh

  11. Am I the only one that has a lock screen bug like when you turn your phone off, it first dims it for like 10 seconds then turns off? Please comment if you’re having the same problem

  12. +zollotech

    The battery life for me has gone worse and worse for every public beta iteration begining iOS 10.1.1

    I have iOS 11 Public Beta 4 and battery life is horrendous. This is on the 7 Plus.

    The last best battery life I had was when 10.1 was installed.

  13. (using iPhone SE – BETA 7) I wouldn't say ios 11 is awful, but it certainly is annoying. Slow and 'overly smooth'. Tap on an app and it won't open, Accidentally tap an app and it annoyingly opens. Screen shot preview… WHY?!?!?!?! Who is that actually beneficial to? You take a screen shot and it hangs around like a bad smell and gets in the way for ages. Well, 5 seconds (I counted) enough to be pissed off when trying to respond to a text. The text is babyish and BOLD and it's just a bit sluggish. I am going back to 10.