iOS 11 Beta 4 is out What’s New ? New Features & Changes

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iOS 11 Beta 4 is out What’s New ? New Features & changes
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  1. Any chance iOS 11: Could add feature for user to scale the touch screen typing keyboard by percents to help different hand sizes. Over all size or separate horizontal/vertical percentage scale.

    Surface pro' virtual screen typing screen keyboard is easier to type on because it's a wider ture to size keyboard.

    IPad Pro is the biggest table so the screen keyboard can be as wide as a real typing keyboard

  2. I got a boot loop on my iPhone 6 on this version of the beta. Lasted 15 minutes and finally started back up correctly. Immediately restored it with iOS 10.3.3

  3. Is it laggy cuz when I install the iOS 11 beta on. My iPad and a few days later I reset my iPad
    And it won’t turn on a few day later we go to the apple store and when I was in my iPad
    Turn on

  4. i dont know why i am a beta behind on my iphone 6. i just got ios beta 3 im not getting ios beta4. is this a glich? please answer my question @devicehelp, if you are having these problems also give this comment a thumbs up because the problem i have is not okay.

  5. I have a iphone 7 plus on Verizon Wireless and I am running IOS 11 Public Beta 3 and I do not see the new touch id notification like in IOS 11 beta 4 why?

  6. This is true cos the messages app in the beta 4 release shows a crunched bottom area where the camera and other features are now crunched to make way for d function area for the 8 handset

  7. If apple releases the real ios 11 can you still be able to install it on your device even if your running an ios 11 beta? Will you get a software update of the real ios 11 if you’re in ios 11 beta?