iOS 11 Beta 4 – What’s New?

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Apple just pushed out iOS 11 Beta 4, let’s find out what has changed and all the new features it brings. Does Beta 4 bring performance back to older devices?

Let’s find out what’s new in iOS 11 beta 4!

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  1. hey i just downloaded the beta with your link on my iphone 6s and the app store is gone. What can I do? pls help me

  2. Still no customisation !! Absalute joke!! I used to really like apple but they have gone completely stale.. "they changed the WiFi icon" OMFG really that's a change !! Totally pethetic !!

  3. Any chance iOS 11: Could add feature for user to scale the touch screen typing keyboard by percents to help different hand sizes. Over all size or separate horizontal/vertical percentage scale.

    Surface pro' virtual screen typing screen keyboard is easier to type on because it's a wider ture to size keyboard.

    IPad Pro is the biggest table so the screen keyboard can be as wide as a real typing keyboard Thanks guys