iOS 11 Beta 7 Released New Features & Changes

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iOS 11 BETA 7 Released What’s NEW ?


How to STOP ++ Apps From Getting Revoked / Crashing FOR EVER iOS 9 – 11 No JAILBREAK NO Computer

Get Custom Status Bar icon in iOS 11 NO Jailbreak

Hide the Folders & Dock Background in iOS 11

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iOS 11 Beta 6 Released What’s New ?


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  1. do u think they'll finally introduce multitasking to iphone? lacking multi-window for apps and background playback for videos is a big weak point. adding universal background playback for all videos and apps would be a huge deal for me.

  2. I device help what’s going on since the last two betas my system is going up and I’m losing a lot of storage, I’ve seen a few other comments saying the same & I’ve seen ppl on twitter complaining aswell any help to tell us so I can stop panicking ???

  3. If anyone call in Facebook messenger and shut down several repititive times continusly
    It will crash
    Also it heats up phone and need restart to cool down

  4. There is a new animation in messages. If you 3D Touch a message as if you want to add an effect such ass “invisible ink”, there is a new animation.

  5. Please make a video on ios 11 all features together once it's get final release that can help for the first time users of iphone or ios 11 also include some tricks and short cuts…

    Please provide some battery life comparison between ios 11 vs any ios 10.x for iPhone 7 and 7 plus… Because battery life is much more concerned now a days…