iOS 11 Beta 7 – What’s New?

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iOS 11 Beta 7 was released today to Developers and Beta 6 to Public Beta Testers. I go over what’s new.

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  1. Remember that the benchmark will be affected by your battery status, on your last benchmark you battery was at 83% and your actual bench was at 35% so that’s why the bench is a little bit slow than your last one ☝️ ??

  2. Nothing much new apart from the fact that many devices are getting an error message on the App Store saying ‘Unable to connect to App Store’ on Games & Apps tabs. Apple need to get this fixed.

    I’ve also had an issue with Apple Support Unable to carry out a screen sharing session because of a bug present in iOS 11. This Beta 7 is far from ready for general release yet. Apple are overlooking things & more bugs are cropping up as they fix others.

  3. get your info correct gm typically goes out day of september keynote and released to the public the following week. the september event is rumored to be on september 12th

  4. Has anyone else found that you are not able to use custom ringtones bought from iTunes as the default ringtone for calls?
    I have a tone that I bought directly from my phone, it's set as the default ringtone, but whenever the phone rings it plays a standard tone instead. This is very frustrating and I am thinking to go back to iOS 10 because of it! Has anyone come across this, and if so how about a fix?

  5. I have iOS 11 beta 7! Why the fuck can’t I downgrade everytime I try to downgrade on iTunes it keeps on showing error messages then when I use a third party application they keep on trying to charge me for every application and keep on talking about a trial version and I’m stuck on iOS 11 and I can’t get out!!!

  6. I recommend everyone stay on iOS 10.3.3 until apple officially release iOS 11 beta nothing cause all of these betas have problems that others don't or have fixed . To save the hassles& gas wait for the iPhone 8 release date to come then ios11 will officially be ready & posted to the apple website

  7. I've hated since last update the the brightness level changes all the time. I'm one who likes my screen full bright. I just downloaded the newest beta so I will see if it got fixed, I sure hope so.