iOS 11 Beta 8 – What’s New?

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iOS 11 Beta 8 was released to developers and Public Beta 7 was also released. I go over what’s new.

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  1. I always thought they released the gold master before they announced the new iPhone. I remember downloading iOS 10 about a week before the new iPhone was announced.

  2. Please provide some battery life comparison between ios 11 vs any ios 10.x for iPhone 7 and 7 plus… Because battery life is much more concerned now a days…

  3. The delays and stuttering that you are experiencing are likely the delays that apple is purposely engineering into the software to make you want to upgrade. (unless you have the latest device of course, then you wont experience any).

  4. Hi Aaron
    I have iPad Air and I tried to do multitasking but It didn’t work it opens tow apps but not side to side so i can’t use them in the same time my question is iPad Air not supporting this feature or what?

  5. I can't fake force touch (SE) anymore on the clock in control centre and there still is a delay when i've closed all apps from multitask.. Further all is well so far.

  6. Discuss Them :
    1) Software Update: New Terms & Conditions when updating

    2) Notification center glitch while sliding down is fixed in iphone 5s

    2) 2D touch on control center is little bit faster on low end devices (SE ,5s ,……)

    3) Suddent crash of apps has been fixed ( for regular apps like spotify,deezer,carplay app etc )

    4) emojis of countries are bit smoother

    5) Boot time is faster

    6) Ads on app store ( Discussed on video )

    7) UI of red battery on low charge on recovery mode has been changed

    8) Iphone get less heated up while using

    9) Better keyboard prediction

    These are few changelog !!!!
    Have a great day !!

  7. I’m on beta 7 but I saw on my brothers iPhone (running beta8) is a little bit slower and there are more bags and lags than beta 7 so I’ll wait beta 9 or ios 11.0?

  8. Hi Zollotech, do you think it would be a good update to resell an iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) to get the next almost borderless iPhone?