iOS 11 Beta 9 Screen Recorder Checkup: Official Release Date Now Confirmed? BIG APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT

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Not only are Apple’s iOS 11 Beta updates every week now, they’re almost everyday! Beta 9 landed hours ago so does that mean there are any changes to the built in screen recorder?

Besides that there’s HUGE news about when we might actually get the FULL iOS 11 release. Watch and find out 🙂

Also thanks to @APKDroidCA who spotted the release.

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  1. I don’t see Airshou as not working as a bad thing if there already is an iOS screen recorder on par and better at recording games longer.

  2. VGJFelix teamviewer a Remote Desktop software has announced that they are making an app for iOS 11 to share your IOS devices screen could this mean that Apple is allowing for screen recording apps in the App Store

    What are your thoughts on this?

  3. VGJ I have a question if you got iOS 10 beta when iOS 10 came out could the beta people get it I said it just to know if it's the same for iOS 11

  4. I think I will stay ios10. Because if the ios 11 get any problems about their original recording. Maybe bugs or safety problems something else that cut out the screen recording. It will be a terrible nightmare….

  5. Hi Felix. Since BETA 6 landscape recording it’s not working! The problem is, the screen freezes, similar problem with AIRSHOU APP in the pass! But it’s working on portrait mode. Hope you make a video soon recording on landscape mode. Thanks!

  6. When I record my iPad Pro 12.9, it works fine, giving me notification, but when u replay it.. it only works couple of seconds and then it freezes, any help?

  7. The reason iOS beta 9 was released on Thursday was because apple doesn’t release iOS on holidays (Labor Day) we will see beta 10 either later this week or next Monday.