iOS 11 – Everything New

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I show you all the major features of iOS 11.

Gear I used to make this video:

***Time Codes***
Intro 0:00
Icons 0:19
Files 0:36
Setup 1:20
Keyboard 1:53
Apple Pay Peer-to-Peer 2:15
Camera 2:40
App Store 4:12
Messaging 5:05
Siri 5:48
Wallpaper 7:49
Music 8:25
AirPlay 2 9:02
Control Center 9:23
Notifications 10:08
Do Not Disturb 10:36
Maps 11:12
CarPlay 11:46
iPad Section Start 12:06
Dock 12:16
Multi-Tasking 12:53
Notes 13:20
Quicktype 14:00
Pencil 15:40
Small updates 15:54
Outro 16:33
End 16:55

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Outro Music: “Sunday” by Otis McDonald – Available in the YouTube Create Audio Library

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  1. iOS 11 is out to everyone now. If you had iOS 11 GM then you already have the final version. Just delete the beta profile and reboot. There is no update for you.

  2. Hi Aron @zollotech , i have updated my 6s to ios 11 , it is fantastic but i dont have the new Siri's voice, its the same old one that was in ios 10, its not the natural voice ! Why ? What can i do about that ?

  3. I am Chinese and I can tell you that the mandarin translation is a little too formal but 100% understandable, though the sound has not improved at all.

  4. Literally the worst version which they have released feature wise. I mean yeah it’s relatively stable, but for the general lack of features which have been added to it it just doesn’t really even seem like it needed as many beta versions as it went through

  5. I'm still 50/50 if I'm going to update or not because many people complain about how glichy and the battery sucks in ios 11. Maybe apple will fix those bugs in future. I want to update because there are many new things and few limits are now unlocked. I hope they will fix it immediately ?

  6. Files just duplicates dropbox. So stupid. No way to store files locally? Just call it Finder and make it a file manager already because everybody assumes that it is Finder.

  7. Does anybody have the same problem as I have? Sometimes when I will be on the phone with somebody my speaker dont work. Then if I restart the phone it will work again for some time. But every once in a while my speaker does not work when im on the phone with somebody. Please let me know. I never had a problem befor but after I got ios 11 it has started.

  8. Really upsets me when my iPhone iOS11 now determines what I am saying in a completely different context. WRONG. Then when I send out an email the spell check takes over after it has left my discerning eye and makes changes as it leaves my outbox!!! WRONG meaning and WRONG messages are getting to the recipient, causing me to seek another method of direct communication to clarify my meaning and purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lost productivity time and money, let alone integrity in communication trust. FIX this and do NOT spell check on my iPhone after it has left my outbox on it way to the recipient.

  9. Apple is going too far.  The visually impaired are being squezed out.  We should not have to take classes because you programers are bored.  I no longer own what I purchased!  Apple has slowly ruined them with their updates.  They try to tell you how great it is like they are trump or something.  Who in the hell do they think they are fooling.