iOS 11 Explained

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What should you know about the latest version of iOS?

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  1. I have always liked IOS over androids operating systems but prefer the phones that android Os is put on over the iPhone itself. Its the only reason I go with apple products. You just cant deny that IOS is user friendly and for me at least never crashes as android OS dose all the time on my galaxy tab 3. Ill hold off on the iPhone X though.

  2. I honestly don't give a shit if apple data collects behind my back. Of course i'm going to turn all the "collection options" off, but if they are anyway, I have nothing to hide and the government already knows everything about you like a science. You can't hide anything from them. nothing. They might see my cock and some weird porn sprinkled with some bad selfies and that's about it.

  3. I'm an Apple fan. I watched the keynote I'm all over MacRumors etc.. watched a couple reviews and NOBODY talked about the keyboard press for characters instead of switching boards. THIS is huge to me. It's one of the things I've always disliked about Apple aside from the UX of the calendar app. Wow. Thanks Linus. That's why I like your vids. You give the low down skinny on all the important stuff.

  4. SAMSUNG>APPLE LOL did u know that iphoneX's OLED screen is gonna be from Samsung because there isnt other places where they can get massive Oled screens,thank us android user

  5. At 3:45 my iPhone still has the volume display in the middle of the fricking screen. I just updated to iOS 11.0.3 and I have yet to see the volume display do anything like what Linus showed.

  6. nothing apple has ever done aside from mashing other better people's ideas together for the iphone could be considered groundbreaking. they have literally invented nothing. they profit off of other people's ideas. that and trapping you within an environment of apps and devices that only work with THEIR products, then charge double for them compared to the competition. … on second thought, im wrong. they ARE groundbreaking at one thing. ripping people off who are too dumb to see past the popularity of the brand and fall for a bit of brushed aluminum.