iOS 11 Features || Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote

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NEW iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9 Unveiling:
NEW Mac lineup: iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro:
iOS 11 Features for the iPad:
NEW iMac Pro:
MacOS 10.13 High Sierra:


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  1. Was really hoping for something fantastic, but got a lunch bag letdown instead!
    Most of these updates have been available in Google/Android for years now!!
    Apple seems to be playing catchup and not innovating like they did when Jobs was alive!!
    Jobs, Apple needs you to be re-born ASAP!!
    The iPhone8 better be an absolute killer product because this wwdc is not putting a smile on my face at all.. and that is a shame!!
    Apple has lost its way and that is sad!!

  2. New "Control Center"? Come on Craig seriously? The only feature that was on a separate page, in Control Center, was the music player???? How is that a big overhaul?

  3. Still after all these damn years still not customization center where I can customize my phone's font and application layout. Just one damn app I can customize from and reset if I want my phone to look stock. If it wasn't for the intervention and me already having all this apple shit in my house. I would go back to just having a pager. All these phones now suck and are just money grabbing gimmick with a bunch of features no one gives two craps about.

  4. evrybody brainwashed!!! Copy all the futures from Android and speaking bad about android. Stupid Brand Apple just shame!! Apple Fans wakeup!!!!

  5. Basically Tim Cook is a liar; developers nor anybody else have been able to use Near Field Communication (NFC) on the iPhone or with any other Apple product because NFC has been crippled so this particular global standard wireless networking communication protocol will only allow Apple Pay.

    Today I heard Tim Cook has changed his mind. I am here watching these WWDC 2017 videos to find out if NFC is being allowed or if customers are still not being allowed to use wireless network communications.