iOS 11 Hidden Features – Top 20+ Cool Features You Didn’t Know!

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iOS 11 Hidden Features! Top 20+ Cool iOS 11 Tips, tricks like hidden dark mode, AirPods Customization, Screen Recording, Control centre tweaks, QR Code scan, iPhone Storage and more!

What’s your favorite?

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  1. since when did pressing and holding become 3D touch ? i have an iphone 6 and i guess i used 3D touch ?

  2. Apple realy outdone thereselves for making this new advanced phone ios is more cooler then android beacuse android let you download anything and if you download the app you want you see it was a virus well apple protect ios to not download from safari beacuse they keep it safe

  3. My iphone show more storage available after ios 11 ( which is 17.3 gb) while YouTube shows less storage available (which is 10.3 gb)

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