iOS 11 Hidden Function Area Home button ?

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iOS 11 Hidden Function Area Home button ?


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  1. It’s fake and i’m disliking every video that’s spreading this fake ass shit, it is what the faker wanted, to create controversy

  2. Has anyone switched to a Samsung or an android from iPhone? I did and after a week I returned it and got a new iPhone because I just really hate those phones. Now this is just a preference so don’t get mad at me about this.

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  4. 6s+ ios11b4, YouTube icon returned with the dots instead of icons, but no home button on screen. Could be glitch so will keep trying, will post update if I can get it.

  5. hey I found a glitch for hiding dock in landscape mode ios 10.3.3
    Just be on landscape mode go to widgits pannel and slide to homescreen quickly
    (Try it for 3-4 times it will work)

  6. This is true cos the messages app in the beta 4 release shows a crunched bottom area where the camera and other features are now crunched to make way for d function area for the 8 handset

  7. So basically it's possible the function area on the bottom of the iPhone decade edition will have like a mini touch bar like the mew MacBook pros do?

  8. I believe it could be real considering there are 3 different beta programs / paths there’s the public beta which is last and more polished the developer beta which is for app developers which is bleeding edge and glitchy and the in-house beta that only Apple employees have which can be so unstable it’s scary