iOS 11 Jailbreak Coming – iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Status, Release Date & Should You Update !?

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A jailbreak for iOS 11 is currently being worked on and hopefully will be released after the release of iOS 11. Also iOS 10.3.3 will be released very soon so stay away from it if you are waiting for a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 or 10.3.2.


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  1. I know everyone says "Stay on the lowest firmware possible", but why in the world would we stay on 10.3.1 when you feel they will jailbreak 10.3.2? I think we should always update to the latest jailbreakable firmware or risk being stuck (or locked out). If they do release 10.3.3, Apple will soon enough stop signing 10.3.2.

  2. Wtf is happened to the jailbreaking, why we have to wait a year for a jailbreak nowadays? are they really working on it or they dont care. i thought about chaning to android.

  3. I think jailbreaking might be over. Jay Freeman did an interview saying as such. Between high paydays for security holes and many skilled jail breakers going into security like jobs it seems like it could be more risky to jailbreak. If there's people out there that can still jailbreak and develop software for Cydia and don't go after the big payday from Apple maybe they could be motivated by some nefarious reasons which could be dangerous towards jailbreakers.

  4. Whats The Use Of Competition jailbreak dev. will not earn anything so its useless jailbreak is dead n stop making fuckin clickbait videos unless u have some serious shit to talk about

  5. Times like these I would rather just pay for a legit jailbreak site . Looks like free isn't so tempting

    Let me guess this fucking iOS 11 jb will be released next year !!! What the fuck is the point of telling us this shit !! You said the same about iOS 10.3.1 when iOS 10.3.2 was released !! It's fucking videos like these that make the jb community to act like spoiled kids !

  6. lookin to get back into jailbreaking since i now have a new phone, so could anyone direct me to or how to jailbreak. most things i tried don't work. a link or something would be helpful thanx.

  7. It would be great if they release the damn jailbreak while the version of iOS that's jailbroken is still being signed. The last two iOS 10 jailbreak's were released at least one day after the signing window was closed. if I want iOS 10 I have to update to 10.3 point whatever is still signed, and then hope that somebody is going to release a jailbreak.

    I've been jailbroken straight for the last six years, there hasn't been one day that's gone by where I wasn't jailbroken. The control jailbreaking gives me is much more important than having the latest operating system. I can live without having a few of the latest apps.

    Actually I have built up such a great relationship with Sprint that they know me, they know that I jailbreak, and they know which iOS I would want on any new phones. I specifically ordered a 6S with 9.3.2 on it they even went out to the warehouse and got it for me. I might stick with the 6S or get a 6S plus with 10.2, they always have old phones in their warehouse that haven't been upgraded. Whenever you ship your old phone back to them they send it to Apple who disassembles it and uses it to make more iPhones.