iOS 11 Jailbreak Soon! iOS 11.2.1 – 11.1.2 Info (What to Know)

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iOS 11 Jailbreak Utility via iOS 11.1.2 Exploit Coming Soon? iOS 11.2.1 Released to Public and iOS 11.2.5 Seeded to Developers. iOS 10 Receives New Exploits, Utility Updates, and Tweak Tools. Today we discuss the recent news in the jailbreaking community and address the question that is on everyones mind, Should I update / downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 now that Ian Beers Kernel Exploit has been Released?

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► Previous Jailbreak Update:
► Downgrade / Update to iOS 11.1.2:

Quick Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
1:00 – iOS 11.2.1 Released to the Pubic
2:19 – 11.1.2 Kernel Level Exploit Released by Ian Beer
6:11 – 10.3.3 Exploit By Siguza
7:13 – Saigon Beta 3 Released by Abraham Marsi
7:43 – Houdini Tweak Tool for iOS 10.3.2
8:45 – Jailbreak Update
10:15 – Should you Downgrade / Upgrade to 11.1.2
15:25 – Can You Jailbreak Now?
16:37 – Outro / Recap

iOS 11.2.1 Re-enables Homekit Remote Sharing after patching a serious security vulnerability.

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  1. Wait so I have iPhone 6 is that 32bit? Will that work? And also I am on 11.0.3 can I go straight to 11.1.2 or have to go to most recent update and then downgrade? Thx

  2. Couldn't be arsed with waiting and have left the apple family, Apple have wasted a great opportunity buy releasing phones that are stupidly expensive and stupidly locked down.

  3. Hello. I followed your procedure. And I installed the application but still the Cydia didn’t appear on my phone. I switched it off and on twice still same. What can I do.