iOS 11 OFFICIAL On iPHONE 6! (Review)

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iOS 11 Official just got released so let’s take a look at what the new features are and everything else!

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  1. Hey I’m using the 6 with ios 11
    But for some wierd reason my phone does not switch to dnd mode while driving even when i have switched automatically in the settings
    Pls help!!

  2. Im not liking the notification centre…
    as you mentioned its the same as lock screen its confusing and ugly…
    The login screen and the animations were better in ios 10.

  3. What a weak review. You showed about 3 changes and then blabbed about nothing – just to fluff the video length. What about the changes to iMessage?

  4. Questions

    I have a choice between iPhone 7 or IPhone 6s
    First I want both I really don't mind but I feel like iPhone 6s is suitable for my hands more my fingers are small yes
    Second I want iOS 11 because I really wanna record things and all
    Third I don't like the headphone jacks not being there
    Fourth I don't know what to buy!!

    Another Question
    Does iPhone 6s have iOS 11?
    + any massive problem?

  5. The only problem with ios 11 is that the new system is programed to slow your iphone a little bit because of the battery life.why?,because some apple user reported that their iphone suddenly shutdown even though its 40% batter life. So the apple choosed battery over performance which it dissapointed me.

  6. hey! i was deciding between SE and 6. i guess i'll go with the 6 cause my dad has a SE and he said he hates it. so if I get this iPhone 6 should I upgrade it?