iOS 11 on iPad Pro Walkthrough

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It’s a little different than you remember, but ultimately it’s for the better.





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  1. Exactly like I said before: iOS 9 used to be my fav update and now it will be iOS 11. It is the biggest iOS update ever.
    Gosh I hope so much that the multi-tasking will work on my iPad Mini 3!! Because in iOS 9 when they introduced split view and split screen, my iPad Mini 3 only got the split view option, because only the most recent iPads could do the split screen. So I hope iOS 11 will make even my iPad Mini 3 capable of doing all that, it would be insanely cool!! 😀

  2. Will the cheaper $329 iPads be able to all of this too or just the iPad Pros? Cause I would love to have all the multitasking features but I don't feeling like replacing the iPad I already have just to do so.

  3. How do those thinner bezels compare to the Samsung s8 you recently used. from what I can see the new iPad pro doesn't have much in terms of look. it's mainly the os that is redesigned

  4. This Guy!! black sheep…. is soooooo DOUBLE STANDARD…

    I was your fan until now…

    In one of his previous video ( he projected
    1. Microsoft Surface is a Confused product(with 3 traditional ports)
    2. Microsoft Surface is NOT laptop…NOT Tablet…. Confusing product…
    2. Microsoft Surface is disappointing product coz "hands get sweaty" on Alcantara cloth on the keyboard.
    3. Microsoft Surface has no exclusivity of OS…. well….apple black sheep is correct here!

    Now for Ipad Pro (this video…. he says)
    1. Ipad Pro has a new dock… which brings it closer to a WANNABE Mac (Applaud) [Something Surface PRO doing for 4 Years now]
    2. Ipad + iOS11 swipe up brings multitasking (Apple black sheep Applauds again and its clever for him….so double standard) [Windows doing it for more than 5 Years now]
    2. Ipad Pro + iOS11 bringing FILES app….which brings it more closer to Mac… lets face it… Win 10 with Surface Pro Already has it…..

    Please stay unbiased with Good Products!!

    iPad Pro is better…. but not worth making you wet.!!

  5. Yes but how do you multitask now if your app is not in the dock. I’m running iOS 11 on my iPad Pro & have not figured that out yet (if it’s possible)

  6. I am thinking about updating my iPad Air 2 to iOS 11 beta. Or at least the public release in the fall. However, I left it on iOS 8 on purpose because it was fast and I worry updating it will take away stability and performance speed from the device. However the features are very tempting. I have an iPad mini 4 that is on iOS 9 and it seems to perform okay, sense it is the same iPad only smaller I am wondering how performance will be on the Air.

  7. I have a slight problem with my iPad Pro 10.5 my battery drains a little too fast when in using it and I'm on iOS 10.3.3 is it a problem? On standby it's fine.. and I have just bought it

  8. Drew, I finally purchased an IPad. Before this was just a big phone for me but now the IOS 11 transformed this into a computer that I can use for my work and everyday tasks. It is fantastic. Finally Apple went back to the front of the line as a innovative company.
    But thanks to your videos I made the right choice for my new IPad.

  9. And to me I don't feel like putting music on my Galaxy Tab for 2014 that's really slow cuz it will be a pain and if I get an iPad Pro 2 2017 it will be better because that way I can have my music on that because I've had an iPod touch my whole life the only Iphone I've had is iPhone 4 and I still want the experience I don't like iPhones but I like to experience the same experience but on like an iPod her iPad so I was thinking of getting an iPad Pro what are you thinking of that what's your preference on that what do you think is it a good upgrade from a Galaxy Tab four 2014

  10. I was thinking of getting this Sony Xperia Z4 tablet but nobody can find it either in any of their stores or online so I'm thinking of just getting the iPad Pro 2 2017 cuz I'll get more updates that way anyway and Sony and Samsung don't do very many updates

  11. Drew, how come my audio output disappears when I output a 20 minutes screen recording ? And how can I overcome that problem and make a video with my voice over the screen recording ??