iOS 11 Released! Everything You Need To Know!

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iOS 11 FINALLY Released! iOS 11.0 Review, Everything You Need To Know! Features, Changes & Final Thoughts.

iOS 11 FULL Review:


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  1. Don’t install IOS 11 until they fix all bugs because your Iphone will be dead like mine !! IOS 11 is disastrous catastrophic, including Apple which realease CRAP firmware like that !! Steve Jobs is gonne and now without him APPLE also…. I was the biggest fan of Apple now im selling all my apple devices

  2. It drains my battery so much will not buy an iPhone again. Is Apple causing global warming!!! Anyone who buys a new iPhone is insane

  3. THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW —> As an upgrade to IOS 10.. it’s not very good! Here’s why:

    1. App update dates are as confusing as hell and there is no way to know exactly when an app was updated. I suspect this is a deliberate move to get people to download even the old and outdated apps this making Apple yet more money! Disgusting.

    2. IT CRASHES A LOT – more often than the last update. On 2 iPhone 6’s and a little less in an iPad Pro. This is appalling as it seems with every new iteration of iOS older (not that older!) phones get SIGNIFICANTLY worse.. I can understand new coding requires better hardware, but the balance here is unacceptable. Again, I suspect a deliberate move to get people to buy another iPhone.

    3. The App Store IS A MESS .. can’t find a ***** thing!

    4. Deleting apps is now a chore .. seems to have to think about it before it does anything?! WTF

    5. The settings menu is about as organised as a nuclear explosion .. for fuck’s sake Apple, how the hell can anyone find anything?

    Apart from all that.. it’s alright !! lol ?

  4. to be honest I didn't update my iOS ,after what my sister suffered with her iphone7P and her iPhone 6s .. they both suddenly turned off and kept restarting for a while and if her 6s finally turns on she couldn't use her touch to inter the password , and even my unupdated phone suddenly restarted and once I inter my password it freezes with the screen on . finally after one hour of charging my phone and giving second chances it worked just fine but still I'm really dissapointed .Im an apple products lover and ill always be but this is soooo disappointed.

  5. My iphone 6 got slower when i updated ios11! I Cant event watch videos on facebook or youtube while im on facetime! Its got slower! And crashes alot of apps!so im warning you!you’re welcome!

  6. Ok not gonna watch video. Sorry. Only hear to say while Google or should I say android phones now at Oreo or their on 8. Google took a look and has made if you have Google home crap… Well lollipop which was 5 so went back to 5 operating systems and allowing Google home to work on a tablet or phone voice commands. Sorry… Go back to your wonderful apple video and enjoy basic lyrics what any andriod user has been able to do for years and longer and have more short cuts and customs on a android. Oh wonder what I'm talking about? Well I wouldn't keep photos music pretty much anything on "the cloud" (a server somewhere and is it really safe) also is your location always on? I don't want a weirdo being able to find me! Like a couple years ago a news reporters home and work she didn't put in is just set it up and marked them down. (kinda invasive and sketchy to me!)