iOS 11 Siri Test: Better Than iOS 10?

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For the past few years, Apple said that Siri was getting smarter with each iOS release (she wasn’t). This year, that’s finally true.

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  1. I think Siri's new logo is proof that the new iPhone will have the home button on screen as Siri's logo will replace the home button when you're talking to her.

  2. I just tried on my iOS 10. If you ask Siri "who is the president of the UNITED STATES?", he would tell me it is Donald Trump!! There isn't just one president on the planet!! There are different countries!

  3. That has me really curious as to how it really works. I thought Siri was basically in the cloud, which I would think would make it identical regardless of the OS. Why would the OS make a difference when doing something like pulling up who the president is?

  4. Switched to iOS from Android for iPhone 7plus and it's been a blast. Siri isn't the smartest but definitely has the sexiest voice. The new siri cards look like a step back design wise and new Appstore icon indeed looks like it's made of sausages lol. Looks like Google isn't the only one to make stupid UX/UI design choices.

  5. The time measurements make no sense since both of your phones compete for the access to the same Wi-Fi network. For a pure experiment, you would have to use separate networks (including the wired part that goes to the router).

  6. bixby can cantrol phone settings and almost everything ….you dont have to use your hands and she jus made its debut this year …we have siri for almost 10 years and it seems like apple will finally update siri after 20 years and they will call it the best voice assistant ever in a smartphonr lol ?????

  7. This person doesn't know what he's doing I just sid who's the president of United States ?? it' gave me the sabe answer that was on iOS 10 iOS 10 is better then the horrible buggy iOS 11 I don't plan updating to latest iOS it's not worth it anymore

  8. I don’t like the new Siri. Siri used to be my best friend. ( don’t roast the fuck out of me ) I mean sure I was a spoiled fucking brat and she was my assistant but she was my friend and now she’s gone! Lol my best friend was a robot ??

  9. You only tested one aspect, you never touched base on how she likes to capitalize things in start/stop voice dictation moments and does not fix them after adding a period. Also why does the keyboard disappear after you are finished talking I can’t even correct things quickly anymore. I think that she understands things worse than before and before she was pretty bad. Sometimes she’ll actually get something right and then at the last minute switch it to something else. Or instead of choosing an obvious word she will add a word that has absolutely no definition and doesn’t even recognize that it is spelled wrong. SIRI SUCKS!

  10. The iOS 11 update absolutely destroyed my brand new iPhone 7 Apple should be ashamed of themselves. Steve Jobs is probably rolling over in his grave at the iPhone X debut. What a joke!

  11. Type to siri command open on ios 11 , when i press home button for second , i am unable to give voice command to siri except say hey siri to activate it, how to disable typing option in siri

  12. I prefer iOS 10.3.3 Siri. The answers are faster and the information is presented with better visuals. iOS 11 never answers my questions, I always get stupid rhetorical responses, and Siri no longer has the ability to rank movies by rotten tomatoes critiques.