iOS 11: The Best Hidden Tricks for Your iPhone

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Want to customize your control center? Free up storage? Type one-handed? WSJ’s Joanna Stern shows you 11 tricks buried in Apple’s all-new iOS 11 update.


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  1. hi thank you! but I ve neve had an iphone 🙁 and now gonna buy one! what should i buy? iphone with 64 gb storage or 256? it is difficult choice for me… could you give some advice?

  2. Awesome.
    Is there a trick to make my iPhone go as fast as it used to before they released 10.2. It's been so slow since it started searching every email on my phone just to pull up my gf's contact. It used to just go right to the people that I contact all the time. But I guess this is better it now takes a while and finds lots of people that might be my girl instead of just finding her.