iOS 11 – Three Months Later

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It’s been over 3 months since iOS 11 came out. I share my experience over that time.

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  1. IOS 11 for my iPhone 7 plus was horrible… Told everyone in my family not to update lol, did a lot of factory reset, clean installs, no icloud backup restore… Still a no go, recently got a note 8(glad to be back).

  2. Running iOS 11 on my iPhone 6s bought new in the summer , runs ok , hate the control centre esp the fact you can't totally switch wifi and Bluetooth off come on apple give US the choice I don't own apple wireless headphones so don't need this standby mode , but I do like the fact we have mobile data on/off button in the control centre. I have had odd issue were I have to swipe apps off to have a app working again.

  3. I’ve been an apple fan for years and iOS 11 is absolutely the worst, I’m very disappointed ? , when you look at the compilation, apple is slacking. The problem is that they think they know what there customers wants which was true in the past but not now in 2017

  4. IOS 11 is pure garbage. Made my iPhone 7 Plus a buggy mess. Before that it was buttery smooth. IOS 11 is amazing on my iPad pro so go figure…

  5. If iOS 12 doesn’t bring customization of the home screen and just more general customizable features then I’m done with the iPhone. I’ll switch to a Pixel. It’s unacceptable in 2017 for $1200 that I’m boxed into this one way with Apple. It’s complete bullshit.

  6. I have always felt that IOS will become less stable once they opened it more to dev. When I seen the IOS11 keynote in June I was so disappointed, gone are the days of stable and secured IOS. I still have my iPhone 7Plus running 10.3.3 and refuse to upgrade. I have lots of money invested in apple products but if this continues i may spend my upgrade monies elsewhere.

  7. iMessage is pretty much the only reason I have an iPhone.

    If Apple officially brought iMessage and Facetime to Android I'd switch in a heartbeat. All I ask is a basic iMessage experience for Android. All the extra bells and whistles can stay on iOS. Basic Face time and Basic iMessage text is all that it'll take for me.

    Unfortunately they are well aware that thousands of users will switch if that happened. Android has gotten so much better and surpassed iOS. Ever since Google started putting their foot down with OEMs and software quality improved it has become a great OS. While Apple lost its touch and iOS is beginning to turn into old Android. Riddled with bugs

  8. Try a Pixel 2. It is an epiphany, believe me…Android is getting better and better while IOS is getting worse. Apple got bogged down somehow, they urgently need a new Steve Jobs, someone with a vision. I never used an iPhone, so after 6 Years Android I bought a iPhone 8. After two hours I was so frustrated about this horrible and complicated OS, that I sold it with 80 Euros loss, did not bother me.

  9. Hi Mr Zollotech,

    Ive the same issue with Oled screens hurting my eyes. Im glad to hear/see an official reviewer notifying this , i could not mark the issue as i used my wife’s Samsung s7 edge sometimes and the reds and other bright colors start hurting my eyes after 10/20 minutes of use, as the whites did.
    As my Iphone 7 plus is just 1080 lcd it has an warmer tone down view comforting for the eye.
    Great review thanks ?? Needles to say but worth mentioning :Apple must really step up their game in terms of Software and the effects on the hardware.

  10. My i7+ works ok for 2-3 days, then it starts with lagging with opening/closing keyboard, chat groups, etc..
    When I restart a phone it works ok for next 2-3 days and same again..
    Everything was ok before iOS 11.
    All bench-scores are ok (battery is healthy lol)

  11. I love iOS 11 and the design. Simplicity is always better to me. Always been a reason for me choosing iOS. I don’t need widgets on my home screen or to rearrange any icons. And your right about iMessage.

  12. I have a 6 plus and works great on iOS 10.3.3. It will be staying on it because it works awesome as far as the looks. I still like that control center

    I also use an iPhone X on iOS 11 and man I have all kinds of bugs in this OS. It feels like Apple is no longer really paying attention to what they are doing.

  13. i think apple should change or fix Ios 11 animations when you open an application because they're so orrible and laggy (and i have an iPhone 8,but using Reduce Motion it's pretty boring)
    sorry if my english it's bad but i'm italian ?

  14. I like iOS 11, but it’s not as snappy as the latest version of iOS 10 was. But we have to wait and see if future updates may make it better.
    I would love to see a split screen, at least on the bigger devices, and I don’t like much this new big icons design, it’s a bit messy, especially the music app, it used to be much more organized!

  15. This reminds me of the android app a few years ago that was free where you could get help about anything android wise. You would just text a real life person and they would reply a few minutes later. It was so cool. I wish I could remember the name of it. I just remember that it was purple lol. I wish there were more apps like this in this world.

  16. I'm coming from a 7 plus with ios 10.3.3 and I'm curious about the battery life on this phone. I've read that it's really good, but how is it compared to what I already have? I've tried ios 11 and it reduced my battery life by 20% or so so I went back when that was still possible.

  17. Apple is an ass iOS 11 is terrible which is a major issue and then there is an issue where they slow down older device they only focus on new phones basically forcing us to get new phones so what people with older phones are not Apple users ?

  18. I have a iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 11.2.1. It's fast and mostly smooth there's a few dropped frames of animation every once a while. My only problem is the pretty bad battery life. My battery wear is 25% that's probably the reason. I get about 2 1/2 hours on a single charge average.

  19. I have an iphone se since the beginning of this year. And it already has a dip in performance. Not major problems but wifi slow down from time to time, longer loading screen for youtube, games, calendar, weather and such. I really love this phone and apple in general but if this sort of things keep coming up.. i can see a lot of people just quitting on them for simply dumb decisions.

  20. To be honest I’m not happy with iOS 11 in my 6S. The upgrade from 10 to 11 has slowed down my phone drastically. Few a times iMovie doesn’t respond at all. Same thing with other apps as well. The overall dialler layout looks cheap to me which was way better in iOS 10. In a nutshell iOS 11 is a total failure for me with issues related to performance and also battery life. Wish I could go back to iOS 10. Will wait for the next iOS upgrade and see if there is any improvement, else will be bound to switchover to Android. The last thing I want to do.