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Turn to the dark side

If iOS 11 is too white for you, it’s easy to make it darker: go into (deep breath…) Settings – General – Accessibility – Display Accommodations – Invert Colors and switch on Smart Invert.

Unlike a normal invert, which reverses the colors of everything on screen, Smart Invert doesn’t mess with images and other media: it’s effectively a Dark Mode for iOS.

If your iPhone (or iPad) doesn’t support 3D Touch, which enables you to get additional options by hard-pressing icons, iOS 11 brings something very like it to the Control Center – but not to the rest of iOS.
Get 3D Touch without 3D Touch
If you long-press the buttons in Control Center you’ll get the 3D Touch actions, so for example long-pressing the torch icon brings up the torch’s intensity settings, while doing the same on the timer allows you to easily and quickly adjust its length.

Record Video of Your Screen
One of the best new features hidden in iOS is Screen Recording. You can only access it one way: by adding the button to the Control Center in Settings – Control Center -Customize Controls, if it’s not already there.

Swipe up to get Control Center, hit the round button, and you get a 3-second countdown to the iPhone recording all the moves you make on screen—you’ll be able to tell from the red banner at the top. It’s a perfect way to show off errors you’re experiencing, or to show someone how to do something. The video is stored in Photos and shareable.

Want audio with the recording? Use 3D Touch (or press it for a long time) and you’ll get an extra option to turn Microphone Audio On—this lets you do a narration as you record.

Tap the red status bar to confirm it’s time to stop—all of which is also recorded. Trim your videos using the built-in tools to cut the beginning and end off of whatever you record, just to make it go faster. You can’t get rid of the red banner at the top, but some video-editing apps and programs can probably crop that out (along with your status bar at top).


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