iOS 11 tips and tricks for iPhone – Master the new OS

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iOS 11 is here, and it comes with a load of new features. Some things are completely new, others are just new ways of doing things we’ve had for years. Either way, here are a handful of tips and tricks to try on the new iPhone software when you get it.

iOS 11 – iPhone tips and tricks in-depth:
iOS 11 preview:

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  1. Must say I'm very disappointed they got rid of the hard press gesture on the left side to go between open apps. I use it daily and can not update to os11 for that reason. I wish they would have left it as an option to have on or off. Face it, there are a lot of people with 3d touch that will not be upgrading for a year or 2 so no reason to get rid of it for everyone yet!

  2. What irritates me the most is that I cant scroll down to show the notification when using reachability on my iPhone 7 PLUS.
    In iOS 10 I just diouble soft tap the home button so the screen would go down…so I could easily use the swipe gesture to show notification….now I have to go all the way up and swipe down to sh ow it.

  3. Your eye’s are everything, had to get that outta the way. Now back to this update, my battery life Sucks major and phone gets Super Hot
    Please where can I find that wallpaper? Thanx ?

  4. Another thick is this one , in control center make the letter look the biggest possible then go to all icons on top of the phone (battery-location-wifi- and/or provider and it will magnify the icos. for what? I have not idea.

  5. Apple Care is swamped with help requests .. complaints … work around fixes they want. For me I want to download iPhone apps over the internet as it only takes seconds or minutes. To always use the iPhone to wi-fi the download of Apps and Updates takes hours or days. The iMac is not longer connected to the iPhone … so why have an iMac. A PC/Android is far more cheaper to own crap that is a headache to operate. Or a PC/iPhone .. more cheaper .. same headache.