iOS 11 Tips & Hidden Features Top LIST

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iOS 11 Secrets ! This will make your Live a lot Easier

Get Custom Status Bar icon in iOS 11 NO Jailbreak

Hide the Folders & Dock Background in iOS 11

iPhone X Face ID Unlock Fail ? Let Me Explain

iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus | Which one Should You Buy ?

DO NOT install iOS 11 before Watching this Video

iOS 11 Final Vs Beta 10 | New Features & Changes


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  1. If you use the accessibility shortcut with voice over , if your in a webpage or e mail and you activate it with your home button 9 times out of 10 it will freeze the page up in all the batas

  2. I think I know why auto brightness was moved. It’s a move to preserve battery and keep people from easily and quickly disabling the autobrightness function. I guess. ??‍♂️